Reborn of Embers [RISE] is a community of individuals with the common goal of playing the games we love in a friendly and welcoming environment.


There is no single leader in RISE; we are governed by a round-table of officers who work together to empower others to achieve their goals within the community.


At RISE we follow two simple rules:

  1. Be excellent to each other
    • Be respectful, inclusive, kind, and tolerant. Rumors and drama llamas are unacceptable.
    • Foul language and sensitive topics should be self-moderated. We have members of many ages and backgrounds, so keep it clean unless you are in a closed group and everyone is cool with it.
    • If you want to stream or record a group activity, make sure everyone present is aware and okay with it.
  2. Don’t be a stranger
    • You can multi-guild and participate in other communities as long as you are still interacting regularly with RISE.
    • Let us know if you’ll be out of touch for more than a few days, so that we know you plan to return.


  1. Mediation — The designated Member-at-Large will reach out to help correct the problem with guidance and clear-headed advice (working out a compromise when appropriate).
  2. Officer Intervention — If mediation cannot resolve the issue, the officer team will be looped in to discuss the problem and work out a solution and to communicate possible additional consequences.
  3. Removal from the Community — If mediation and officer intervention are unsuccessful, leadership will take a vote on removing the member from the community. A majority vote is required for member removal.

These expectations are intended to communicate the basics of our community culture, rather than an all-encompassing list of possible infractions. Serious issues, such as harassment, may result in immediate removal. If you’re ever unsure about whether you should say or do something, stop and check with the others members present or with an officer.